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When Does My Dog Need to go to The Vet?
When Does My Dog Need to go to The Vet?

8 Ways Dogs Tell Us When They're Sick

  1. Vomiting: Dog's are going to throw up occasionally. It's usually because they've eaten something they shouldn't't have or they may have eaten too fast.
    • When to see ABC Vet: If your dog is throwing up several times a day, and especially when other symptoms are present, then your dog needs to see one of our veterinarians. If you see blood in the vomit, that's another sign your dog needs veterinary care.
  2. Diarrhea: Often this can be caused by a change in the dog's diet and sometimes diarrhea can be brought on by stress.
    • When to see ABC Vet: If the diarrhea is lasting more than a day, or if other symptoms are present such as blood in the stool, fever or lethargy, then your dog needs to be examined in our office. Check with our office when you call for your appointment and ask if you should bring in a stool sample.
  3. Lack of Appetite: A change in your dog's appetite could be brough on by stress. If your dog has received a vaccination recently sometimes that will affect his appetite. It could also be that your dog is getting older.
    • When to see ABC Vet: Decreased appetite can be a sign of illness. If your dog refuses to eat for more than 24 hours then you need to schedule an exam with one of our veterinarians.
  4. Lethargic: It may be your dog played a lot, or had a long run at the park. If no other symptoms are present he probably just needs to sleep it off.
    • When to see ABC Vet: Lethargy can be caused by some serious medical conditions. Your dog be exhibiting what is called hiding behavior when he chooses an unusual place to rest. If you're dog displays lethargy for more than a day or two and for no apparent reason, then we should see him for an exam.
  5. More Urination / Less Urination: It could be as simple as your dog has consumed more or less water than usual.
    • When to see ABC Vet: If your dog is house-broken and is urinating inside the house, or if he's drinking excessively, straining to urinate, or needing to go out more often - then it could be a urinary tract infection, bladder stones or diabetes. It could also be a symptom of a problem with his liver, kidneys, adrenal glands. If he has been urinating either more or less frequently for a couple of days then he should be examined.
  6. Coughing: It could be just that something is stuck in his throat. In which case it will usually work its way out.
    • When to see ABC Vet: If the coughing continues then contact ABC Vet. There could be more serious causes for your dog's coughing such as; kennel cough, heart disease, heartworms, lung disease, tumors, or congestive heart failure.
  7. Scratching/Hair Loss: Less serious reasons for scratching or hair loss would be fleas, ticks, mites, allergies, skin conditions, stress or anxiety. These are less serious, but they should be treated. Contact us for a solution.
    • When to see ABC Vet: If your dog has persistent scratching or is losing hair - we need to see him to identify what is causing the problem. Itchy skin and/or hair loss can also be symptomatic of a more serious condition such as; problems with the endocrine system, fungi, yeast, or staph infections.
  8. Stiffness or Lameness:
    • When to see ABC Vet: If your dog is having difficulty getting up and lying down, or has trouble going up stairs then he may be suffering from one of the following conditions listed below. Schedule and exam for your dog so that we can identify what is causing the stiffness or lameness.
      • hip dysplasia
      • arthritis
      • disc disease
      • ruptured ligaments
    • ABC Vet Specializes in these therapies that may benefit your dog:
      • Laser Therapy - We can treat many of these conditions with Laser Therapy and most pets feel better within 12-24 hours. Benefits of Laser Therapy are:
        • No surgery
        • Non invasive
        • Drug free
        • Fewer risks or side affects
        • Quick and convenient
        • Often pain medications can be reduced or eliminated after laser therapy treatment.
      • Stem Cell Therapy - if your dog is suffering from joint injuries, ligament or tendon damage, then he may be a good candidate from cell therapy.Stem cell therapy is safe, effective, approved, and ethical.
      • TPLO Surgery - Rupture, or tearing, of the cranial cruciate ligament in the knee is a very common and painful injury. The Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery has proven effective in returning injured stifle joints back to full function. Our Chief of Staff, Dr. Barry Neichin, is certified in TPLO surgery.
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