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Top 10 Symptoms to Watch For In Your Exotic Pet

Most of the time, exotic pet owners bring their pet to us when it is to late. If you notice any of the following symptoms in your exotic pet, you need to contact ABC Veterinary Hospital right away.

  • Changes in eating or drinking habits - Increased? Decreased? Not eating or drinking at all? Any vomiting or regurgitation? excessive water soaking?
  • Shedding problems - incomplete,prolonged or lack of shedding? retained eyecaps present? not shedding in one piece (snakes)?
  • Changes in stool or urine production - any straining? increased waste production? decreased waste production? changes in stool appearance?
  • Lumps or bumps present - or blisters? scabs? bruises? inflammation or redness?
  • Changes in general appearance - weight loss or gain? skin color changes? any swelling of the limbs, jaw, tail or digits? lesions or soft spots on the shell (turtles)?
  • Activity level changes - acting more lethargic? more active than usual? hiding a lot lately? staying in only one corner of the cage? generalized weakness?
  • Limping or lameness - any paralysis? less climbing activity than usual? signs of trauma?
  • Behavioral changes - acting more aggressive? more lethargic? tremors or seizures? excessive digging?
  • Changes in posture -  acting disoriented? unable to assume normal posture? excessive vertical positioning (snakes)?
  • Breathing problems - open mouth breathing? wheezing or squeaking sounds? excessive saliva? bubbles coming from nostrils?
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