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Wednesday, January 27 2016
Does Your Dog Have Dental Disease?

4 Signs of Dental Disease in Dogs

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Dental disease in dogs and cats is very common, and very dangerous. Left untreated, it can lead to major problems like heart disease and kidney failure. Regular dental care is critical to your pet’s health.

Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in adult dogs and cats, and is entirely preventable. By three years of age, most dogs and cats have some evidence of periodontal disease. With a routine at-home dental care and regular dental exams and cleanings at ABC Veterinary Hospital, you can prevent your dog from getting dental disease.

How Proper Dental Care Can Extend Your Dog's Life

Pets with dental disease are more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease as well as other forms of  organ damage.  Dental disease is shown to have a relationship with heart disease, because bacteria from the mouth constantly enters the blood stream and adheres to the arteries surrounding the heart. Professional dental cleanings will reduce bacteria and guard against bacteria. It's also important to note that small dog breeds are more prone to develop dental disease than large dog breeds. 

Signs of dental disease to watch for:

  1. Does your dog have stinky breath? This is one of the early signs of periodontal disease.
  2. Does your precious pooch have red or swollen gums?
  3. Are your canine companion’s teeth yellow or brown? Loose or missing?
  4. How’s your dog’s appetite—still a chow hound? Different? Having trouble chewing bones? Losing weight?

If you notice bad breath, red or swollen gums, missing teeth or appetite changes, bring your pet in immediately for an examination.

Why a dental exam is so important

At ABC Veterinary Hospital radiographs (X-rays) are an essential part of your dog's dental exam. The reason for that is 70% of possible dental disease is hidden to the naked eye. Dental radiographs are required to accurately diagnose and assist in treatment of pets with dental disease. 

Components of good dental care for your dog

  • Teeth brushing and regular home dental care
  • Twice yearly dental exam 
  • Annual dental cleaning

Schedule appointment for your pet's dental exam.

Recommended products to help with your dog's dental hygiene:

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