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Tuesday, November 12 2013

November "What Am I?" Contest


This month's dog: "Chicky" - we call her a low-rider because she has short stubby legs.   Weighs 39 lbs and is a year old in these pics. Was rescued from the shelter last year.  

How to Play
Click on the comment link to guess Chicky's mix of breeds. Whoever guesses closest wins great prizes from ABC Vet.

Winners are announced after we receive Chicky's genetic DNA test results back in about 2 weeks.

Canine DNA Testing
Curious to discover the different breeds in your dog's bloodline? Click here us to request more info about canine DNA testing.

The holiday's are fast approaching -
make your pet's boarding reservation now. Click here.

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Thursday, October 17 2013

Dogs Can't Talk But Their DNA Can!

Understanding your dog's DNA can provide ancestry information and other valuable insight for you to better care for you dog. Such as:

DISCOVER purebred breeds hidden in your dog's ancestry, back to his great grandparents. Watch the video below to understand why some of these traits are hidden. 
WATCH for warning signs of certain breed-related health risks and take early preventative care measures.
DEVELOP early nutrition and exercise programs based on your dog's adult genetic weight range. 
CREATE more effective behavior training activities targeted to the unique needs of your dog's breed mix.  

When you understand your dog’s natural tendencies, you can tailor a training, exercise and nutrition program to his needs.

Special Offer $25 Rebate
Mention Coupon Code: DNA OCT for a $25 rebate.

Schedule Your Dog's DNA Test

Read full blog story...

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Wednesday, September 04 2013

ABC Vet Now Offers DNA Testing

Discover your dogs genetic story with advanced DNA science.

With ABC Vet's DNA testing you will learn:

  • Potential health risks associated with breeds hidden in your dog’s mix?

  • How much your puppy should weigh when he’s fully grown?

  • How best to feed, train and exercise your dog based on his breed mix?

Dogs can’t talk, but their DNA can! What’s my dog? How big will he get? Are his breeds prone to any diseases? Every dog has a tale. But the story of a mixed breed dog isn’t always easy to tell. ABC Vet DNA testing can help clear the confusion, unlocking secrets hidden in your dog’s DNA. Read more...

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Thursday, June 20 2013

A great big HURRAH to our hero of the month, Gracey, for her success in shedding a whopping 7lbs on the new Hills Metabolic Diet! Read more...

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Thursday, June 06 2013

Providing preventative health care for your cat will allow your cat to live a longer more comfortable life. However, that can't happen unless you are able to bring your cat in for the wellness exams and preventative care that it needs. Taking your cat to the veterinarian can be stressful for both of you. To your cat, the process of entering an unfamiliar carrier, a scary car ride, a strange waiting room and then an examination can all be very stressful. Read more...

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Thursday, June 06 2013

Fleas are the most common parasite on both dogs and cats.

As a pet owner, there are some basic things you need to know about fleas. Fleas are external, wingless parasites that live off the blood of their host - mammals and birds. They are wingless, but these tiny pests can jump over 1 foot horizontally. Fleas are not only a nuisance but they also pose health risks for your pets. Read more...

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Saturday, June 01 2013

ABC Veterinary Hospital performed lifesaving surgery on Penny, the Chi-weenie,  to remove necrotic tissue from a rattlesnake bite. The surgery was funded by the FACE foundation and Penny was their 500th pet saved. Established in 2006, The Foundation for Animal Care and Education partners with local veterinary hospitals to enhance and preserve the quality of life of animals by providing access to necessary medical care. FACE provides financial grants to pet owners who are unable to cover the cost of their pet’s emergency or critical care. Read more

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Dr. Barry Neichin

Dr. Barry Neichin
Chief of Staff
ABC Veterinary Hospital
San Marcos CA

When he's not busy with his duties at the hospital, Dr. Neichin can be found outside, either on the trails hiking and camping or in the water snorkeling and skin diving, as well as spending time with his two children. His family also includes Tonka, a Golden Retriever; Leo, a miniature Golden Doodle; Cosmo, a Siamese, and Ruffles, a rabbit.
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